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SHARON HEARD: Building A Brand

The owner of Katy, TX-based Spotless Professional Home Cleaning has the Midas touch. Sharon Heard is building a name for herself and her company. This business school graduate entered the corporate world right out of school and worked for Fortune 500 companies for the next 20+ years. Sharon notes "While the money was always good, after awhile, my satisfaction stopped coming from the money and I started questioning if my career field was still what I wanted to do. I've always derived great satisfaction from cleaning my own home from top to bottom and I got the idea to start a company specializing in something I knew well and enjoyed doing." Though Sharon never really saw herself as one to risk everything and start a business, the timing seemed right to give it a try. She gave 2-weeks' notice at her job and Spotless Professional Home Cleaning was started n October of 2011. GRASSROOTS START UP With flier campaigns, curb signs and a few rounds of advertising on local cable channels, Sharon was able to acquire her first few clients, all of which are clients to this day. Word of mouth and few strokes of good luck and great timing and Spotless was profitable within the first three months. The slogan became a mantra for new and potential clients, "If it's not Spotless, it's not CLEAN!!".

FAMILY Spotless is a true 'family business'. Sharon has a great support system for managing the company. Her husband manages the company website and advertising, everyone pitches in at the Spotless vendor booth at events, and the whole family helps with distributing fliers and curb signs. "My husband and I discuss any business decisions together and it's good to have another set of eyes to plan or strategize with." It's a team effort. "It also feels pretty good to be the example for my son that you can follow your dreams, have independence and make it work once you identify what you're passionate about." INDEPENDENCE

"I LOVE being my own boss, setting my own hours and dealing one on one with my clients. I enjoy doing something for work that I actually like doing. I get instant feedback on my work and take pride in knowing they are happy enough with my company to recommend new clients." Spotless' client base continues to grow and Sharon is currently hiring more staff to keep up. A great problem to have.GOING FORWARD"I want to eventually transition out of the day-to-day client work and be more of an 'area manager', doing quality checks on my crews' work at client sites". Spotless is seeking contracts for office building after-hours cleaning services and looking to expand into residential carpet cleaning. "I'm looking forward to what the future holds for me and my company. " It's clear that the sky is the limit for this hard-working perfectionist. If she can do it, you can do it.

ONLINE: v. ray #positiveblack

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