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Meet Detroit's Youngest & Cutest Entrepreneur: 11-Yr. Old Asia Newson

Asia Newson, wants you to know she's Detroit's youngest entrepreneur, and she "likes to do what she likes to do!" Not only is Newson running a candle company with her dad called "Super Business Girl," she also has ambitions to go on to become mayor of the city, and ultimately the president of the United States. And based on her track record, don't be surprised if you see her in the White House in a few years.

Asia Newson of Super Business Girl

Thus far, the spunky 11-year-old has achieved whatever she has put her mind to. For example, she pitched Quicken Loans founder, Dan Gilbert, on the street and convinced him to meet with her. In an interview with ABC, little Newson's infectious energy shines through as she explains her business and her mission. "I teach young people like myself how to make their own money," she tells everyone who will grant her an audience.

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