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European Distortion Of African History: The Ancient Kingdom of Zimbabwe Discovered and Buried

When you hear Black folks saying "We were kings and queens" or "We come from royalty", it's actually very true. Like most positive Black history, Americans have had to dig hard to find this info. It's not so much a modern-day conspiracy, but once upon a time it was clearly deliberate. Nowdays, the absence of this history is so commonplace, it's routinely accepted that most of what is known about Black culture is negative. Please believe, Black history does not start with slavery in the U.S. If our true history was widespread knowledge, I wonder if our women would still refer to themselves as bitches, if high school graduation and college would be more the norm, if more Black unity would exist, if the incarceration rate of Black males would be as high, and if hip hop would be more responsible.

The documentaries below present thought provoking information I hadn't heard of...

BLACK HISTORY: LOST, STOLEN OR STRAYED Circa 1968 but unfortunately still relevant

No copyright ownership claimed or implied for these video presentations.

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