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The Black Family: Keeping Families First

Contributing Writer: Quineka Ragsdale

One of the largest problems within the Black community is the breakdown of the family unit. Through enslavement, lynching and mass bombing they managed to stay together. Somewhere past the civil rights movement, welfare and President Nixon's war on drugs, the Black family was attacked, then attacked, then attacked again. Just when the family thought their attack was over, big time record executives infiltrated their music with women bashing and misogyny. The attacks were so smooth, that many of the family members, still can't put a finger on the issue. Get your family back. When you think of family, do not restrict it to the people in your home or the people you grew up with. Your family also consists of your neighbors, classmates and anyone else who suffers the same as your blood has. You must lead the youth, encourage the weak, and take care of the old. All of the children are your children, all of the parents are your parents and all of the aunts and uncles are your aunts and uncles. Treat them as such. This is the first step, the simplest step and the most important step to rebuilding the Black family. Confidence will surely follow the person who knows that he is as strong as the family that has his back. The person who has the support of any family member she comes in contact with is not afraid of failure. She leaps over boulders and streams to reach her chosen destination. The person who is suffering gets help from the caring family member instead of suffering in silence until he/she hurts themselves or the ones around them. Our structure has been stripped from us like a thief in the night and we must first respect ourselves, then each other, to get it back.

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