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Brittney Reel was first introduced to Positive Black readers in the July issue. To get up to speed, you can read about Brittney Reel here. Just in time for the holidays, Britt brings a new project to the table and PBI couldn't be more excited!! Our conversation starts here...

Britt!! What have you been up to? I know you've been in the lab so… spill it!! (LOL) Exactly one year after the release of my first novel, Bridgette's Redemption, I am fortunate to have completed its sequel entitled, Break Up To Make Up.

Oh, so this is a follow up to the Bridgette’s Redemption story line? This novel takes place a year following the events of Bridgette’s Redemption and it shows how the main character, Bridgette has evolved into a new confidence that she found through many struggles presented in Part One. She struggles with her feelings for longtime friend, and ultimately faces not only how to deal with rejection, but also how to deal with acceptance.

I hear writers typically shy away from sequels to very popular books as they’ve set such a high bar that a less than stellar follow up would be too great a fall. I call it the Humpty Dumpty Complex. Did you have reservations about taking this direction?

I figured that writing a sequel would be a lot of work. There is the pressure to make it as good as the first one or even better so, for a while, I was stumped. Eventually, I let go of the constant comparison and just wrote what God wanted me to say.

I’ve read your books and blogs. You really keep God as a running theme in your writing. Does that help you creatively?

It feels really weird sometimes to allow God to use the ratchetness that lives in my head to draw people to Him. He uses my imperfections to show His glory with each word that I write, so I look forward to writing novels. Hopefully for many years to come.

What’s at the core of this book? What was your objective and message for BU2MU?

While writing this book, I wanted to show how detrimental it is to let go of one’s past in order to accept the great life that God hopes to give. I had a lot of fun writing this one. I went through a whirlwind of emotions. One minute I was laughing, feeling blessed, and feeling in love; the next minute I was angry, crying, needing a drink, and wanting to smoke.

Sounds like quite the rollercoaster. When will the new book be available?

Well.. pre-ordering opened up November 11th. The release date is December 1st. It will be available on my website at

Coolness. I know it’s a little early to ask but what’s next for The Love Guru aka Brittney Reel?

Next project in mind is a continuation of this series but it will be from Bridgette's sister's perspective. It is entitled "Finding the Fire" and a snippet is included at the end of "Break up to Make Up."

I’m very happy to see my fam sticking to her dream. Get ‘em Britt!! Looking forward to whatever’s next for this talented, spiritual phenom.


Bridgette Reed is back with the rest of the gang, and this time they take the show on the road. With the debris from her disastrous affair with Leonard Mack finally swept away, Bridgette is ready to move forward with her life with a new attitude. Long-time friend Quincy Randolph has seemingly done a great job keeping her mind in the right place. Struggling between wanting a solid friendship and a successful relationship, Bridgette unexpectedly decides to welcome Mr. William Paisley into her world that provides the protection and stability that she needs. What she quickly realizes is that her new man will not put up with any of her games or indecisiveness. Will Bridgette be able to let go of her past in order to have her happily ever after.

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